How to register property in Thane.

How to register property in Thane?

Are you looking to register property in Thane but feeling overwhelmed by the process? Look no further! In this blog, we will guide you through the steps of registering property in Thane and provide useful tips to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. From gathering necessary documents to hiring a lawyer, we’ve got you covered.

So whether you’re a first-time property buyer or just need a refresher, read on to learn all you need to know about how to register property in Thane.

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The first thing you need to do is register your property with jurisdictional authority to lay your claim. In Thane, property registration can be done at the sub-registrar’s office. You only need to pay for the stamp duty and registration fee. Below are the steps necessary for property registration in Thane.

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    What is the property price register?

    If you want to register property in Thane, you must submit the documents required at the Registrar’s office. This must be done within four months after the date of registration. 

    The Maharashtra Registration Act stated this as per section 25. A fine will be charged if the property registration process is not done within the time frame. Therefore, the value of the initial property price register will be increased 10 times in the form of a fine. 


    Steps to register property in Thane

    Now you can get the sale deed from the comforts of your home. The online procedure is quite easy and does not take much of your time. 

    To get the property register done in Thane, there are a few steps you would need to follow. Below are the steps for the procedure. Follow these steps to register a sale deed in Thane, Maharashtra. 

    • Step 1- 

    First of all, to register property in Thane, you must go to the Department of Registrations and Stamps website, also known as e-GRAS. So please get yourself logged in there. 

    Create your username and enter a password. Now, you should click on ‘pay without registration if you are not already a registered user. 

    • Step 2-

    Once you are done with the payment without the registration button on the website portal, you need to select the type of user and payment you will make. For example, if you are buying the property alone, choose Citizen. 

    Now, you have got two options in front of you. First, you can choose either the ‘pay stamp duty only’ option or the ‘pay stamp duty and registration fees together’ option.

    • Step 3- 

    In front of you, there will be a form. The form is divided into a total of seven sections:

    • Department Information:- Please click on the district and sub-registrar’s office.
    • Payment Information:- Add the stamp duty charge and registration fee.
    • First Party’s Information: You must enter your name, PAN, and mobile number. 
    • Second Party’s Information:- Please enter the seller’s name and their PAN. 
    • Property Information:- Enter the flat’s number; property location will include- the road, city, and the Pincode of the area. 
    • Property Valuation Information:- Now it’s time to enter the property value you both agreed upon. 
    • Payment Mode:- Choose the payment method from the list given there. Done? Get a printout of the stamp duty and registration fee challan after you pay the stamp duty.

    Now that you have paid the stamp duty and registration fee and have filled in the property registration details, the process of getting your home registration in Thane is done. The authority will issue a certified document copy within the next 45 days.


    Stamp duty charges in Thane 

    Thane’s stamp duty and registration fees are 6% for females and 7% for male property buyers for the residential property price register. You need to pay 1% of local body tax and 1% of metro cess, followed by 5% to 6% of stamp duty charge.

    The government of Maharashtra passed a bill on March 23rd, 2022, to extend the existing stamp duty waiver for three years. Hence, talking about the next three years, the higher stamp duty will be paid on the difference in the price of a property and not on the entire amount. 

    Property registration offices in Thane

    The 7 Talukas in Thane District. Let’s take a look at them.

    • Ambernath
    • Bhiwandi
    • Kalyan
    • Shahpur
    • Thane
    • Murbad
    • Ulhasnagar

    The number of Municipal Corporations in Thane is 5. The corporations are- Mira Bhayandar Municipal Corporation, Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation, New Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Thane Municipal Corporation, and Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation.

    When a person purchases an immovable property, they need to register it under The Registration Act 1908 within the time frame given by the Registrar of Assurance.

    Thane property registration office address

    Below you will find the information on the sub-registrar’s office in Thane: 

    Joint Sub-Registrar, Ulhasnagar Taluka 

    Bipin Apartment, Plot No. 67,

    Katrap Village, Badlapur East,

    Ambernath, Thane

    Phone: 0251-2695962

    Joint Sub-Registrar, Ulhasnagar Taluka 

    New Administrative Building, 2nd Floor,

    Tehsildar Office, Badlapur Kalyan Road,

    Near Railway Station, Ambernath West,

    Ambernath, Thane

    Phone: 0251-2680188


    Joint Sub-Registrar, Bhiwandi Taluka 

    Tehsildar Office Compound,

    Bhiwandi, Thane

    Phone: 0222-257548

    Joint Sub-Registrar, Bhiwandi Taluka 

    Kapkneri, Nanmdan Arkade,

    Opp. State Bank,

    Bhiwandi, Thane

    Phone: 0222-2566615

    Joint Sub-Registrar, Bhiwandi Taluka 

    Hari Dhara Complex, 2nd floor,

    Anjur Phata,

    Bhiwandi, Thane

    Joint Sub-Registrar, Kalyan Taluka 

    Tehsildar Office Compound,

    Taluka Kalyan West,

    Taluka Kalyan, District Thane.

    Telephone: 0251-2313646

    Joint Sub-Registrar, Thane Taluka 

    1st Floor, Mahila Mandal Building, Talao Pali,

    Opposite Perfect Driving School,

    Taluka Thane, District Thane.

    Telephone: 25366410

    Joint Sub-Registrar, Thane Taluka 

    1st Floor, Mahila Mandal Building, Talao Pali,

    Opposite Perfect Driving School,

    Taluka Thane, District Thane.

    Telephone: 25453460

    These are a few sub-registrar’s office addresses available in Thane. 

    How to register an old unregistered property

    Looking for ways how to register an old unregistered property? The first thing that needs to be done is establishing ownership of that same unregistered house. 

    Now, there’s a process to do everything, so here too, is a process to establish ownership. 

    • Step 1: Track

    The first step includes tracking the previous owner. If the owner is no more, then the next thing you should do is find out their legal heirs. 

    • Step 2: Get a Sale Deed Registered

    When the identity of the legal heir is known, ask that person for a sale deed in your name. Suppose the person refuses to execute the deed, which may happen. In that case, you must file a suit of declaration, stating that the property belongs to you since the previous owner paid the full consideration, but it was the seller’s mistake not to register the sale deed. 


    In conclusion, the steps involved to register property in Thane is a relatively straightforward process, but it can be time-consuming and complex if you are unfamiliar with the process. It is important to gather all necessary documents and information, such as the sale deed, PAN card, and proof of identity, before visiting the sub-registrar office.

    Additionally, it is recommended to hire a lawyer or property consultant to assist you with the process and ensure that everything is done legally and correctly. Overall, with the right preparation and guidance, the process involved to register property in Thane can be a smooth and stress-free experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the stamp duty charge in Thane?

    Answer. Currently, the stamp duty charges for residential properties in Thane are 7% for men and 6% for women. The deed of booking register property in Thane should be done after calculating stamp duty. The value percentage will be the same if the real estate property is valued above 30 lakh. 

    2. How long does it take to get a property registered in Thane?

    Answer. According to Section 25 of the Maharashtra Registration Act, it takes about four months from the registration date. 

    3. What happens after property registration?

    Answer. So you have registered property in your name, finally? Congratulations! Now, you should first update all your records, from property tax to securing the sale deed. All these things must be done once you finish the registration process. 

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