Paying property tax Thane

How to pay property tax Thane


In the vicinity of Mumbai’s boundaries is the residential neighborhood of Thane. According to Thane Mahanagar Palika’s rules, all property owners in Thane are obligated to pay property taxes. The Thane Municipal Corporation is responsible for collecting the Thane municipal Property Tax or property tax Thane twice a year following the Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Acts. For the municipality’s treasury department, this serves as a significant source of income.

About property tax Thane

There are some categories of property owners who are eligible for specific tax deductions. In cities and States, these laws, however, are different. Property owners that fall into one of the categories below will often be eligible for property tax discounts. Before paying your TMC property tax in Thane, make sure you don’t fall within any of these categories:

  • People with impairments who own property.
  • Women who are landlords.
  • Senior citizens who own real estate.
  • Institutions in agriculture.
  • Educational establishments.
  • Owners who have served in the military or navy in the past.

All types of properties in the city are subject to TMC property tax collection. Citizens receive basic services, including good access to electricity, clean water, and roads in exchange. The TMC launched the online TMC site to make paying property taxes simple and hassle-free for all Thane residents. This article will be quite helpful when it comes time to pay TMC property taxes.

How is Property Tax Calculated:

The current TMC property tax rate is 38.67%. A simple property tax calculator, Thane, can be used to determine the TMC property tax. As previously stated, many variables, including location, size, and so on, are used to determine property tax.

The Thane Municipal Corporation takes into account some variables when determining property tax. These consist of the following:

  • Total Carpet Area.
  • Age of the property.
  • Usage of the property.
  • The number of floors in the property.

Property tax Thane Municipal = Tax rate * Total carpet area/area of land if the land is vacant * usage factor * age factor * floor factor * type of building.

This straightforward method will assist Thane residents who own property in figuring out their annual property tax obligations.

The TMC property tax bill can be paid after having an approximate idea of the actual amount, which will make the procedure of paying property taxes online in Thane more straightforward. A rough estimate of TMC Thane’s property tax can be obtained using the property tax payment calculator. Here is a link to the official TMC online calculator for checking property tax bill payments.

You can also go to the TMC website to find out how much you’re paying taxes, but to use the online calculator, you must first register with TMC. Once registered, you can use a name or code to search for your property.

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Pay Tax Offline:

Visit the TMC office to submit your property tax in Thane. Then, go to the tax payment counter and provide property information to pay the tax amount listed on the bill. Cash, checks, or demand draughts are all acceptable ways to pay taxes.

You might need to submit the following property information:

  • Owner Name.
  • Colony name.
  • Property type.
  • Property zone.
  • Property ward number.
  • Property ID.

How to Pay Property Tax Online:

If you ask, how to pay Thane’s property tax online? Following are the steps for swiftly paying the TMC property tax online using the TMC’s official website:

  • Step 1: To pay your TMC property tax bill payment each year, register on the TMC website and sign in at
  • Step 2: Choose Marathi or English as your favorite language to read the page.
  • Step 3: Type the property information into the home screen, including the name and address.
  • Step 4: The amount that must be paid will be revealed after clicking Search. You can use credit, debit, or online banking to make the payment.
  • Step 5: A receipt will be generated for future use upon successful payment.


Digithane Property Tax:

For all Thane residents, DigiThane app, the Smart City App, serves as a one-stop shop for governmental and commercial services and one step towards Thane smart city. Before the DigiThane property tax initiative was implemented, Thane Municipal had many problems with a lack of information about needs and preferences caused by little citizen participation. It impacted project development, execution, and monitoring with little engagement from the initiatives’ final beneficiaries, the citizens.

All You Need to Know About Digithane App:

The implemented solution, the DigiThane app, consists of a Citizen Engagement Operations Team and Digital Assets (mobile app, website, SMS, merchant portal and app, social media, SMS, and emails) (managing content, merchant ecosystem, analytics, helpdesk & registration). The increased municipal services, targeted information, citizen participation, integration with third-party applications, and several additional G2C, B2C, and C2C services are the key services offered by the TMC through the DigiThane property tax platform. It is a single access point for all smart city applications, allowing citizens to pay their bills and access all municipal services.

So far, the DigiThane app has –

  • More than 2,86,000 users have signed up.
  • 9.1 billion one-way communications.
  • More than 240 surveys have been done, yielding 2.9 crore two-way contacts.
  • Every day, 17,000 individuals use the DigiThane portal to communicate with the municipality.

Regarding property taxes –

  • 20,000 people in FY2019–20 collected 20 crores in taxes.
  • 21 crore in paying taxes were paid in FY 2020–21, according to approximately 17,500 tax returns.

DigiThane has been a pioneering effort to bridge the gap between the corporation and the inhabitants by delivering greater public participation, improved service delivery, and improved municipal services.

The following prizes and recognitions have been nominated for the platform:

  • Won second place in the field of governance at the India Smart Cities Award Contest (ISAC 2020).
  • MoHUA (GoI) received the Best Digital City Application Award from NIUA in January 2020.
  • 2019 Smart City World Congress submission recommended by Smart Cities Mission.
  • Award for the Best Smart City Application (Business World 7th Smart City Conclave 2019).
  • October 2019: Gold Category Award for Citizen-Centric Governance (SKOCH).
  • The SKOCH organization has presented the DigiThane initiative with the SKOCH 2021 “Gold” award in the Municipal Governance category.

How to Change the Name in Property Tax Online Thane?

Transferring ownership is crucial when buying or selling real estate Thane. The updating of property tax data is similarly crucial. Property owners in Thane must submit an official application to the Municipal Corporation to start changing their property’s name on their tax bills.

Please visit to submit an online application.

The whole procedure could take 15 to 30 days. However, Thane Mahanagar Palike’s website simplifies tasks like application filing and name changes in property tax Thane records.

Name Changing in Property Tax Thane Offline:

Let us discuss how to change your name in property tax online, Thane. The following documents should be sent to the commissions of revenue with the offline application for property tax Thane name changes in records:

  • Receipts for prior property tax payments.
  • Your housing society’s or association’s NOC.
  • The sale deed’s copy
  • Valid government-issued identification.

Penalty on delay in Thane property tax:

According to the Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act and the government of Maharashtra Gazette Extraordinary Part Four No. 14-27 April 2010, property owners in Thane are required to pay 2 percent of this tax for each month or portion of a month after the last date on which the tax was due as a penalty for delay. Until the whole amount of the penalty has been paid, the Taxpayer is responsible for paying it. If the property tax is not paid on time, the penalty interest and other legal repercussions will rise (within 90 days).

If you have to pay a fine for paying your Thane property tax rate, the TMC will initially deduct the recovery charges at the time of payment. Following this, the unpaid invoices will be collected.

The TMC may, as the last option, seize the property if the property owners repeatedly fail to pay their property taxes. As an illustration, the TMC sealed 4,312 properties overall in 2020 due to unpaid property taxes.


The Maharashtra government announced in May 2022 that it would waive 31% of the property tax for flats up to 500 square feet in area inside the Thane Municipal Corporation boundaries, providing a significant benefit to Thane property owners.

The “general tax component” of the total property tax assessment is the subject of this exemption. 92% of the total property tax Thane established by the TMC’s 12 major tax categories must be paid by all residents. The general tax portion of this 92 percent is about 31%. Taxes on water, trees, solid waste, and state government cess make up the balance.

TMC has made the procedure very straightforward for homeowners, from paying property tax Thane to accessing and downloading the payment receipts. Property owners must pay their property taxes on time to avoid late payment fees. It’s a delicate situation; if the regulations are not properly followed, the property owners risk legal repercussions.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the property tax rate in Thane?

The current TMC property tax rate is 38.67%.

 2. How can you know your property tax rate?

The property tax that applies to certain properties in India is based on location and differs from state to state. However, the following formula is employed to calculate property tax:

Property tax is calculated as follows: base value * built-up area * age factor * building type * use category * floor factor.

3. Can the name be changed in property tax Thane?

One must fill out an application form and provide proof of ownership (such as a copy of the sale deed) and a NOC from the housing society to alter their name in the property tax Thane records.

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