Best places to enjoy retirement life in Thane

Best places to enjoy retirement life in Thane

Lately, we have come to see an increase in senior living projects. Developers and builders have launched integrated townships or standalone projects so seniors can enjoy their retirement time happily. 

Out of all, a portion of these townships is dedicated to senior citizens with generic residential developments as well. 

In this blog, PropertyOk brings you the best places to enjoy retirement in Thane. From retirement homes cost to the best place in India to live with family, we have got it all. 

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Places to enjoy retirement life in Thane.

What is the best part of retirement?

What is retirement? Retirement could be anything we make of it. Retirement does not mean sitting idly or being bored all day long. 

You do not have to roam the house like a ghost, not knowing what to do either. There are actually a few options out there for you, so your retirement would be nice and comfy. 

Within the first few weeks and months of retirement, it is common to feel lost and not know what to do. However, retirement also brings you precious time to do things you have always wanted. 

Are you thinking of what is the best part of retirement? Then let us answer with the provided points. 

Below we would like to suggest some of the ways by which you can keep your retired life interesting and bore-proof:

  • Let’s Move to a New Place! 
  • Maybe Traveling the World Will Cheer You Up?
  • Why Not Try a Fun and Rewarding Part-Time Job You Have Always Thought About?
  • Even If Your Income is Fixed, It’s Okay
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Life. Exercise More! 
  •  Try Learning New Languages! 
  • Social Work Maybe What You Need as of Now
  • You Can Finally Write That Book You Have Always Wanted to!

We sincerely hope that these points answer your question of what is the best part of retirement. And what things you can do after retiring. 

What are the best ways to enjoy retirement? 

After retirement, many of us feel lost even though there’s no need to be. So, if you’re asking yourself, what are the best ways to enjoy retirement? Then we would like to answer that question for you. 

No need to ask yourself what will happen once you retire or what you will do with the limited income coming your way. We believe you would agree that living a healthy, wealthy, and happy retirement is enough for almost all of us. 

If you plan your retirement correctly, there are quite a few best places to enjoy retirement or spend the rest of your retired life peacefully. 

  • Find that purpose
  • Manage your finances
  • Keep in touch with your budget
  • Exercise is your new best friend 
  • Meditate with your soul
  • Give yourself that hard-earned reward!
  • Don’t forget your pals!
  • Maybe an animal companion is what you need right now
  • Do deeds for others too

So, does this answer your question about the best ways to enjoy retirement? We, for sure, hope it does! 

What is the difference between old age homes and retirement homes?

It is a common and one of the biggest misconceptions that old age homes and retirement houses are alike. However, the simple and straight truth is that they are not. 

Retirement homes are for senior citizens. They are built to cater to all the needs of our seniors. Retirement homes are well-planned communities. 

They provide exceptional quality of life. They could be one of the best places to enjoy retirement. 

Individuals who are emotionally reluctant to leave their old parents. Young people may feel as if they are abandoning their parents when the truth is they are not. 

Senior living homes provide health care, are more active and calmer, and have a comfortable life compared to usual city homes. 

While on the other hand, old age homes are normally dull and gloomy compared to retirement homes. They are usually understaffed and lack common facilities as well. 

Lack of awareness causes the common misconception of understanding retirement homes and old age homes as alike.  

What are the benefits of living in Thane compared to other cities in India?

Have you been wondering which places to enjoy retirement life in Thane? Then wonder no more! 

Below we will provide several excuses why you choose Thane as the best place to settle in India. And why Thane, compared to other cities, is much better. 

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Thane, a metropolitan city and one of the largest cities in Maharashtra, is of top-notch quality in both living and infrastructure. This is not only a big city but also a big city that provides many facilities for people of all ages. 

Thane has got some of the best places to enjoy retirement. It combines pleasant weather and a rich, cultural, independent living structure at providence. 

Did you know that Thane comes under the list of 20 best cities to retire to? 

The cost of living in Thane is not even that much. For 1 BHK flat, all you have to pay is maybe even less than Rs 8,000-12,000. 

Which is the best place to settle in India with family?

Thinking about which is the best place to settle in India? Let us help you. Choosing a place to live in India could be one of the biggest decisions for most of us. 

India’s rich culture and tradition, with its balanced infrastructure, provide some of the best cities to retire to,

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  • Thane
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Kochi
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Thiruvananthapuram
  • Kolkata

Retirement homes cost in Thane.

Planning your retirement is always suggested, especially if you are looking for the perfect property as your retirement home. 

When you buy a retirement home early on, it will provide you with a lot of advantages and benefits. 

Retirement homes cost between Rs 45,000-50,000, providing superior facilities and a well-designed house. And if the buyer is looking at real estate, the prices may be around Rs 30 lakhs to Rs 2 crore for 1 BHK to 4 BHK homes. In addition, the annual maintenance charge may hover between Rs 15,000 to Rs 60,000. 

Summing Up

Though senior citizens’ lives are becoming quite challenging in this modern world, their contributions to our culture and society speak louder than their weaknesses. Hence, they require a peaceful life in a serene environment full of everlasting memories. Choosing the best places to enjoy retirement will also contribute to the respect they truly deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the cost of retirement homes in India?

Answer. Generally, the cost of retirement homes may be around Rs 30 lakhs to Rs 2 crore for 1 BHK to even 4 BHK homes which are pretty convenient. 

2. How many retirement homes are there in Thane?

Answer. Many retirement homes in Thane cater to senior citizens’ needs and make sure they are comfortable and living cozy lives. 

3. Is a retirement home a good option for a senior citizen?

Answer. Retirement homes are a good option for individuals who want to live independent lives. They provide hospitality, health care, housing, and psychological benefits. 

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