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7 Reasons why festive seasons are best suited for home buying

Do you know what time it is? Yes? Well, let me tell you anyway. It is the festive season! And what do we do during the festive season? We buy new clothes for our family, sweets, and namkeen if it is for someone diabetic. We bring them happiness! But I believe you would agree with me if I say that happiness lies in one’s home. 

Don’t just think about whether you should buy a home during the festive season. Instead, go ahead and do it! 

But we should also spend wisely on the festive seasons. So read the blog till the end to find out how you can buy your dream home this festive season while taking advantage of many offers!  

Best festive season to buy a home

Are you thinking about the best festive season to buy a home? Worry not when we are here for you! It is considered that Dussehra and Diwali are the best festivals to buy a house. 

The festive season in India starts with Ganesh Chaturthi and the enthusiasm does not stop until the most celebrated festival, Diwali, is upon us.  

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Shopping is not the only task we spend all our energy on during festivities. Home buyers spend a considerable amount of time on home improvement as well. As a result, traffic in the real estate market also hikes up. 

Buyers rush to grab the golden opportunities showered on by the festivals celebrated. Low-interest rates attract buyers even more. 

Benefits of buying a home during the festive season

Are you thinking about waiting until the festive season to buy a home? Uh, yes, it is! 

Not only do the offers on the festive season hike up, but discounts and tax exemptions play an important role in attracting buyers. If you know why it is always good to wait till the right time, you must be aware of the traditional market phenomenon. You have to be patient for the right time to come and when the offers are out, go ahead and invest all you want! 

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Home buyers can always expect many offers during festive sales, such as brokerage discounts, cash discounts, benefits on registration, and stamp duty. In addition, travel vouchers, convenient payment plans, free car parking spots, and free home appliances can be won if it is your lucky day. 

A few developers even go as far as to offer to pay rent to buyers till possession to encourage investment in the under-construction plans since ready-to-move properties allow buyers to save on monthly rentals. 

Things that attract buyers in festive seasons

Below are some things that attract buyers in the auspicious festive seasons. Let’s take a look at them. 

New Launches: To attract customers, one of the easiest ways to extend reach towards prospective customers is by launching new schemes, or maybe the developers can upgrade and improve the existing ones. 

Even though it can be quite expensive to launch new schemes, it is worth it in the end. This is because the launch of products attracts buyers like honey bees to flowers. 

Holistic Branding: Festive season is the right time to connect perfectly with customers. Developers give out unique opportunities during auspicious times. 

Building promotions, price promotions, place promotions, and discount offers all play a huge role in attracting buyers. A holistic brand marketing strategy maximizes the reach and profitability of the targeted audience. 

Personalized Offerings: These offers are one of the most cost-effective while being powerful strategies to make the buyers invest in the promoter even more. 

Customers always pay more attention to developers that offer more customized solutions according to their needs. This means promoters’ main focus should be on tailor-made experiences. This will enhance the appeal and attract customers.

Harness Digital Media: There is no need to emphasize digital media’s big role in today’s real estate world. Leading real estate brands are using the opportunities given by social media to connect with their buyers globally.  

Harnessing this enormous potential could develop platforms much bigger. Keeping your website and app messaging consistent and keeping up with the trending theme will enhance buyer attentiveness. 

Popular offers in festive seasons

Have you been waiting for the festive seasons to come so you can let your heart out and shop all you want? Then go ahead and do it! Festivals are the best chances to shop and get high on offers. 

At this time of the year, we are all in line to get the best of offers, and there’s nothing better than Diwali sales that can give us those offers. 

Amazon: Search for Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2022 and you will be bombarded with offers on almost everything. Amazon market updates every year and we see different and amazing discount offers each year. 

This year’s Amazon marketing promotions included Amazon Pay later, 5% cash back on Amazon Pay ICICI cards, 10% instant cashback on SBI cards, and many more such deals. 

Tips for spending money wisely during festive seasons

The festive season does not mean you must go broke after shopping. If you consciously buy many things while having a budget and following through, many things could be bought. 

  • Avoid Overspending: Spending too much is useless, especially if you can use the offers and discounts. Saving money on offers can help you buy more things later on. 
  • Festive Discounts can be fake too: Some banks and fintech apps are always there to lend you money but beware, they might be fake and you can get scammed. 
  • Credit Card Overuse: Overusing credit cards can make a big dent in your account. Do not just throw away money only because you are getting offers. 

Set a Budget: Setting a budget will help you go a long way in shopping during the festive seasons. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it good to buy property on Diwali?

Answer: Diwali is an auspicious time of the year and it is always recommended to buy property on Diwali. You can get great deals on Diwali when you buy property. 

  1.  Why does property demand rise during festivities?

Answer: Since it is an auspicious time to buy things, the demand for property also rises during the festivities. This is also the time when new products get launched as well. Real estate promoters or developers give out new and amazing offers during the festivities, increasing the demand even more. 

  1. Which month is best to buy property in India?

Answer– Though any month is good, Dussehra and Diwali are still considered the best months to buy property. Looking at it from traditional ways, buying property during Diwali could be the best.

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