The relevance of Vastu Shastra for flats

Are you getting ready to build the house in your dreams? The home that you planned to make since you got your first salary? The home you have dreamed of since you started making your own family? But first, don’t you think it would be much better to check the Vastu for apartments before making the purchase? Before you buy a flat, you should never neglect the importance of the Vastu. So, your home could be perfect, and you live your life peacefully and healthily with your family. Let’s see some Vastu tips for flats.

The Importance of Vastu Shastra

Does Vastu matter? It absolutely does! Vastu shastra is a Hindu science that looks after the creation of all buildings or structures. It is a guideline that prescribes the best ways to free your house of all wrongs. Vastu shastra ensures your and your family’s peace and harmony. It makes sure auspicious tidings are continuously flowing to your property, and the negative energy is far away. If you want to bring in positive energy, your flat must comply with Vastu shastra.

Entrance to the apartment

The entrance should adhere to Vastu applicable principles as it forms the main doorway to the house. It can bring good or bad luck, positive or negative energy based on the Vastu shastra.

North is the most favorable of the directions for the main door, along with east and northeast. Keep the entrance to your flat well illuminated and clean. An attractive nameplate should be put up to decorate your front door. One should avoid placing a shoe rack anywhere near the door.

The shape of the Plot

Wondering how to check Vastu for flats? Fret not. We will cover some life-saving and absolutely important Vastu shastra tips for flats so you won’t have to worry about anything else.

  • It would help if you avoided weirdly shaped buildings. Square or rectangular-shaped apartments are suggested. 
  • Found an apartment, but it has large water bodies in its South or West direction. Please, ignore that one. 
  • Apartments facing the south direction are always a sign of bad luck. You might want to leave the apartments where the flats’ entrance faces south or west of the Southwest corner
  • Apartments facing the east and North-East bring your flat good luck. 
  • Your walls should be facing the North or East direction. 
  • Ensure the main door does not directly open in front of the lift. 
  • Red lights should not be placed at the main entrance. 
  • Do not place mirrors on the front door, as it disturbs the door’s Vastu.

It would be better to set the living room in the north or east direction.

The direction of the Plot

The Vastu principle suggests following some rules when constructing your flat. Every house has eight directions – four cardinal and four corner directions. The cardinal directions include are North, East, West, and South, while the corner directions are Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest.

vastu directions

Vastu considers these house positions as facing Brahmasthanam. These positions are observed as the house’s birthplace or place of origin and are known as Yonis. Yoni indicates the position of the house regarding the Brahmasthanam. When building it up, you should consider the orientation of the house to live a life of harmony.

Room placements

Vastu recommends the placing of the rooms as follows:

  • Northeast is the best direction of all. Keep the deities and the pictures’ of gods facing the same. 
  • The study room for children can be in the east of the flat. 
  • The kitchen should be in the southeast, with the gas stove facing the south.
  • Heavy plants need to be planted in the south direction. 
  • Bedrooms should lie in the southwest direction. 
  • Washrooms and store rooms can be in the west direction.
  • Northwest can accommodate guest bedrooms, living rooms, and even washrooms.

The Kitchen

The kitchen plays an important role in terms of Vastu shastra for flats since it refers to fire, one of the five elements of nature. Therefore, you must follow the basic Vastu rules for flats when constructing the kitchen.

The kitchen also presents the financial flow in modern times, so please ensure the kitchen is in the correct direction. According to Vastu experts, the kitchen should be in the southeast direction. And the gas stove needs to be facing the south. However, if the southeast is unavailable for some reason, then northwest, east, and west could also be used.

Pooja room in flats

The pooja room of the house should be built in the correct direction to give your house an amiable look and bring in positivity. It is said that the northeast corner of the flat is the most promising direction for your pooja room. According to Vastu shastra, it is also known as the Ishan Cone. But, as the worshiper, you should probably face the north or the east direction when conducting rituals or praying. 

Looking for the right color for your pooja room? Worry not; we got you covered. Light and neutral colors have always been considered auspicious, so do not hesitate and choose a beautifully soothing tone for the pooja room, as it will be Vastu compliant. It would suit better if you painted the walls of the pooja room yellow, white, or even light blue. 

Don’t forget to place your deities in the West or East direction and no other direction. Temples or mandirs made of wood or marble are deemed auspicious for placing idols. We all know the pooja room’s sacredness, so make sure not to do anything sinful. 

The arrangement and the placement direction of the pooja room have important roles in bringing positive energy into the flat.

Here are some basic Vastu pointers to keep in mind when constructing your pooja room:

  • The pooja room should not be constructed in the south direction as it is not a sacred direction and might bring you bad luck and disturbance. 
  • Placing pictures of your loved ones that are no more should be avoided. 
  • Is your pooja wall shared with a storeroom, toilet, or bedroom? It would be better if you took action right now. Sharing a wall of the pooja room with such rooms might lead to immense negativity in the house. 
  • Avoid keeping unnecessary items inside the pooja room. Keep the sacred things necessary or useful to you in the pooja room. 
  • Never hide money, jewels, gold, or other valuables in the pooja room. Accumulation of wealth in the pooja room is a condemning act. 
  • The deities should not be facing south direction as warned earlier. 
  • Trash cans must not be near the pooja room as they attract bad energy.

Vastu for bathrooms and toilets

If you are opting for a read-to-move-in apartment, then check if the bathroom is in the right direction or not. According to the Vastu shastra, the northeast or the west is the correct position for the bathroom.

The washroom entrance needs to be strictly at the northern or eastern wall. In addition, the door must not be facing the southwest direction. You should also keep the bathroom door closed when not in use.

Vastu remedies

You would not want your peaceful home to be affected by Vastu dosh. Vastu dosh can bring bad energy, negativity, sickness, financial problems, and headaches. Fortunately, you can get rid of this dosh by following some easy Vastu remedies.

  • Paste a picture of the deity you most believe in at the front of your house. That way, guests entering the house can have the blessing of that deity and feel welcomed. Remember to paste the picture on the wall facing the main door.
  • Place the wind chimes correctly and welcome some good energy in your home. Make sure to buy wind chimes with around six or eight rods to create a better melody. 
  • Place camphor crystals in the house at different places and shoo away your troubles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which location is best for a flat?

Answer: It is said that the North-East and the East direction are the most suitable directions for your flat to face. This direction is known to bring peace and harmony to the family.

Is Vastu applicable for flats?

Answer: Yes, Vastu is as applicable for flats as for houses. You need to keep in mind the right direction when constructing the house. The rooms should be facing the preferred directions, or there will be negativity in the house.

How do you know if a flat is Vastu compliant?

Answer: Check the placement of the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and entrance. If they are all made in the right direction, your flat is Vastu compliant.

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