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Investing in Ashar Pulse: A Premier Property in Majiwada, Thane

This upcoming project in Thane, located in the bustling neighbourhood of Majiwada Thane, Ashar Pulse, represents a prime investment opportunity for those looking to buy a flat in Thane. Developed by the reputable Ashar Group, this under-construction redefines modern living with its state-of-the-art amenities and strategic location. 

This new project in Thane West is scheduled for possession in December 2028; Ashar Thane promises to be a landmark development in Thane West.

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    Why Invest in Ashar Pulse?

    Address: Ashar Pulse, Junction, next to Nursery, Sainath Nagar, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra, India

    Investing in Ashar Pulse offers numerous benefits, making it an excellent choice for homebuyers and investors. This premier residential project stands out not only due to its strategic location but also because of the quality of construction and the prestige associated with Ashar Builders, a developer with a sterling reputation. With 22 years of experience and a portfolio of 20 projects, 11 of which have been completed, Ashar Group is renowned for its commitment to quality and timely delivery. This ensures that investing in Ashar Pulse translates into owning a property built to the highest standards, backed by the reliability of an established developer.

    The location of Ashar Pulse in Majiwada, Thane, significantly enhances its appeal. Majiwada is a prime locality offering seamless connectivity to major highways, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and shopping centres. This connectivity ensures a convenient living experience and contributes to the area’s potential for property value appreciation. For instance, the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is just 24.8 km away, and the Thane Railway Station is 7 km from the site, making travel easy and efficient. Additionally, proximity to reputed schools such as Lodha World School, Lok Puram Public School, and Rustomjee Cambridge International School adds to the attractiveness for families.

    Ashar Thane is designed to provide a high standard of living through its modern amenities. Residents can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with an infinity swimming pool, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, and an indoor games room. These amenities are complemented by additional features such as a meditation area, multipurpose courts, kids’ play areas, and a jogging and strolling track. These facilities ensure all age groups can access recreational activities within the residential complex, promoting a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

    The growth potential of Thane West, where Majiwada is located, further makes this project an enticing investment. Thane West is experiencing rapid infrastructural development, including new metro lines, road expansions, and other civic projects. These developments enhance connectivity and accessibility, making the area more attractive for residential and commercial purposes. As a result, property values in Thane West are expected to appreciate, offering significant returns on investment for property buyers.

    Investing in this project is a strategic decision driven by several factors. The trusted Ashar Group supports the project, ensuring high-quality construction and timely delivery. Its prime location in Majiwada, Thane, offers excellent connectivity and access to essential services. The array of modern amenities caters to a luxurious lifestyle, while the ongoing development in Thane West promises future solid growth potential. This project presents a compelling investment opportunity that combines convenience, luxury apartments in Thane and promising returns for anyone looking to buy a flat in Thane.

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    Location Advantage: Majiwada, Thane

    Majiwada, Thane, is a strategic location offering seamless connectivity to various parts of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. The proximity to critical infrastructure and essential services makes it a preferred choice for homebuyers and investors.


    • Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport: 24.8 km
    • Thane Railway Station: 7 km
    • Balkum Naka: 0.0 km

    Educational Institutions

    • Lodha World School: 0.2 km
    • Lok Puram Public School: 2.6 km
    • Rustomjee Cambridge International School: 0.8 km
    • Drb Dav Public School: 1.9 km

    Shopping and Entertainment

    • Reliance Smart: 1.8 km

    The strategic location of Ashar Pulse in Majiwada ensures that residents have easy access to all essential services and amenities, making daily life convenient and enjoyable.

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    Project Overview: Ashar Pulse

    RERA: P51700047432

    Ashar Pulse is an under-construction project in Majiwada, Thane, launched in October 2022. The project features two towers with 760 flats, with possession expected from December 2028. The project offers 1 BHK and 2 bhk flats in Thane, suitable for small families and individuals.

    Floor Plans and Pricing

    1 BHK Flats

    • Size: 308.00 to 441.00 sq. ft.
    • Price: INR 65 – 90 Lac

    2 BHK Flats:

    • Size: 599.00 to 623.00 sq. ft.
    • Price: INR 1.21 – 1.31 Cr

    The apartments are designed to provide maximum comfort and efficiency, with modern layouts and high-quality finishes. The competitive pricing makes these flats a lucrative investment, given the anticipated appreciation in property values in Thane West.

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    Top-Notch Amenities at Ashar Pulse

    Ashar Pulse offers a range of world-class amenities designed to cater to the lifestyle needs of its residents. These amenities ensure that residents can enjoy a balanced and fulfilling life within the premises of their home.

    Recreational Facilities

    • Infinity Swimming Pool: A luxurious pool offering breathtaking views and a relaxing environment.
    • Indoor Games Room: Equipped with various games to entertain residents of all ages.
    • Meditation Area: A tranquil space designed for relaxation and mindfulness practices.

    Fitness and Sports

    • Gymnasium: A state-of-the-art gym with modern equipment for fitness enthusiasts.
    • Multipurpose Courts: Facilities for various sports activities, promoting a healthy lifestyle.
    • I was jogging and Strolling Track: Dedicated tracks for jogging and walking amidst landscaped gardens.

    Family-Friendly Amenities

    • Kids’ Play Area: Children’s play places are safe and exciting.
    • Kids’ Splash Pool: A fun and secure pool area for young children.
    • Banquet Hall: An elegant space for hosting events and gatherings.

    These amenities are tailored to provide a luxurious and convenient lifestyle, ensuring that residents have everything they need within easy reach.

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    Investment Potential in Thane West

    Thane West has become a prime real estate destination, attracting end-users and investors. The area has seen significant infrastructural developments, leading to increased property values and high demand for residential properties.

    Key Drivers of Growth

    Infrastructure Development: Ongoing and planned projects such as metro lines, road expansions, and flyovers are set to improve connectivity and drive real estate growth.

    Commercial Hubs: Proximity to commercial hubs and business districts makes Thane West an attractive location for working professionals.

    Lifestyle and Amenities: The presence of reputed schools, hospitals, shopping centres, and entertainment options enhances Thane West’s livability quotient.

    Investing in a property like Ashar Pulse in Thane West will likely yield substantial returns due to the area’s rapid development and increasing demand for quality housing.

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    Buying a Flat in Ashar Pulse: The Process

    Purchasing a flat in Ashar Pulse involves several steps to ensure a smooth transaction. 

    1. Research and Shortlisting: Understand your requirements and budget and review the floor plans and amenities.

    2. Booking: Contact the sales team to book your desired unit. Pay the booking amount as specified.

    3. Agreement: Sign the sale agreement, which outlines the terms and conditions of the purchase. Ensure all legal and financial aspects are apparent.

    4. Payments: Follow the payment schedule as per the agreement. Payments are often related to building milestones.

    5. Registration: Register the property with the local authorities. This is a crucial step to transfer ownership legally.

    6. Possession: After construction is completed and you have fulfilled all financial obligations, you can take possession of your new home.

    Ashar Builders provides comprehensive support throughout the buying process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for investors and homebuyers.

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    Conclusion: Ashar Pulse – A Wise Investment Choice

    In Conclusion, Ashar Pulse in Majiwada, Thane, stands out as a promising investment opportunity for those looking to buy flat in Thane. With its strategic location, luxurious amenities, and the backing of Ashar Group’s reputation, this project offers significant potential for appreciation and a high quality of living. Whether you are an investor seeking to capitalise on the growth of Thane West or a homebuyer looking for a modern and comfortable residence, Ashar Pulse is an ideal choice.

    Investing in under construction projects in Thane, like Ashar thane, allows buyers to benefit from pre-launch prices and the opportunity to customise their living spaces. With the possession date set for December 2028, now is the perfect time to secure your future home or investment property in one of Thane’s most sought-after locations.

    If you’re considering buying a flat in Thane, look only as far as Ashar Pulse. Contact Ashar Builders today to learn more about this exciting new property in Thane West and take the first step towards owning a luxury apartment in Thane.

    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

    1.  What types of apartments are available at Ashar Pulse?

    Ashar Pulse provides 1 and 2 BHK flats. The size of 1 BHK flats ranges from 308.00 to 441.00 sq. ft., while the size of 2 BHK flats ranges from 599.00 to 623.00 sq. ft.

    2. What is the price range for flats in Ashar Pulse?

    The price of a one-bedroom flat in Ashar Pulse ranges between INR 65 Lac and 90 Lac. The price of a two-bedroom flat ranges from INR 1.21 Cr to 1.31 Cr.

    3. What amenities are available at Ashar Pulse?

    Ashar Pulse offers a wide range of luxurious amenities, including an infinity swimming pool, indoor games room, meditation area, multipurpose courts, kids’ play area, kids’ splash pool, banquet hall, gymnasium, and jogging and strolling track.

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