9 Great Live Music Restaurants In Mumbai – Tips For Successfully Hunting Them Down

Ready to take your night out on the town to the next level? Then you won’t want to miss this article about the 9 great live music restaurants in Mumbai. Learn about their unique offerings and discover tips for successfully hunting these hidden gems down!

live music restaurants in mumbai

Introduction to Live Music Restaurants in Mumbai

Mumbai is a city with vibrant nightlife, and live music restaurants are a popular part of that scene. So if you’re looking for a great place to eat and hear good music, here are some tips to help you hunt down the best live music restaurants in Mumbai.

1. Check out online reviews.

When searching for live music restaurants in Mumbai, one of the best resources you can use is online reviews. That will give you an idea of which places are generally well-liked by diners and which ones to avoid.

2. Ask around.

If you know anyone familiar with the Mumbai nightlife scene, they may be able to recommend some good places to eat and hear live music. Ask your friends, colleagues, or hotel concierge if they have any suggestions.

3. Do some research on your own.

In addition to checking out online reviews and asking around, you can also research to find good live music restaurants in Mumbai. Try searching for lists of top restaurants or read articles about where to find good food and music in the city.

4. Be prepared to spend a bit more money.

Live music restaurants are pricier than other eateries, so be prepared to spend more money dining at one of these establishments. That being said, the experience is often worth the extra cost!

live music restaurants in mumbai

Benefits of Eating Out at a Live Music Restaurant

1. Enjoy the show: One of the best things about live music restaurants is that you can enjoy the show while you eat. These venues usually have a great atmosphere with good food and drink, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

2. Meet new people: Live music restaurants are also great places to meet new people. If you’re looking to make new friends, this is the place to do it. You’ll find that most people at these types of venues are there to have a good time and are usually open to meeting new people.

3. Save money: Another great benefit of eating out at a live music restaurant is that you can save money. These restaurants typically have lower prices than regular ones, so you can save money while enjoying a great meal.

Types of Food Served at Live Music Restaurants

If you’re a music lover, one of the best ways to enjoy your favorite tunes is by dining at a live music restaurant. These establishments feature everything from local bands to international artists performing nightly. While the focus is definitely on the music, these restaurants also offer great food and drinks to accompany the sounds. Here are some tips for finding the best live music restaurants in Mumbai:

1. Start your search online. With so many options available, knowing where to begin looking for live music restaurants in Mumbai can take time and effort. Searching online is a good place to start. You can read reviews, get recommendations from friends, and check out menus to find the perfect place.

2. Consider your budget. Even if a restaurant has live music doesn’t, it will be a little expensive. However, plenty of affordable options are available if you know where to look. Once you’ve narrowed your choices, look at the menu prices to ensure they fit into your budget.

3. Book in advance. Many popular live music restaurants get booked up quickly, so it’s important to plan to ensure a table. Make reservations or put your name on the waiting list so you don’t see your favorite band perform.

4. Arrive early or stay late. If you’re hoping to catch a specific band or artist performing, ensure you arrive early enough to get a good spot or book.


Tips for Locating and Enjoying Live Music Restaurants in Mumbai

Mumbai is a bustling city with vibrant nightlife. Many live music restaurants in Mumbai offer a great experience for music lovers. Here are some tips for finding and enjoying these restaurants:

1. Check online directories: Several online directories list live music restaurants in Mumbai. These can be a great starting point for your search.

2. Ask around: If you know anyone who lives in or has visited Mumbai, they may be able to recommend some good places to enjoy live music.

3. Do some research: Once you have a few potential places in mind, spend some time reading reviews online to learn more about each option.

4. Make a reservation: Many of Mumbai’s best live music restaurants get busy, so it’s advisable to make a reservation in advance.

5. Arrive early: To get the best seat in the house, aim to arrive at the restaurant before the music starts playing.

6. Order food and drinks: Food and drink service is usually available at live music restaurants, so take advantage of it! It’s also a good idea to order something to eat to stay energetic during the performance.

Specific Recommendations for 9 Great Live Music Restaurants in Mumbai

Do you want to know about the best  Live music restaurants in Mumbai? Let PropertyOk answer this question of yours!

1. The Irish House: With a lively atmosphere and great food & drinks, The Irish House is one of the best places in Mumbai to catch live music. They often have international acts performing, so you’re sure to have a good time here.

2. Hard Rock Cafe: One of Mumbai’s most popular live music venues, Hard Rock Cafe always has something going on. They have both local and international acts performing, so something is bound to catch your fancy.

3. Blue Frog: This is the place to go if you want to catch some good live electronica in Mumbai. Blue Frog often has world-renowned DJs playing, so it’s worth checking out if that’s your thing.

4. High Street Phoenix Mills: This mall is home to several great restaurants with live music, including The Thirsty Crow, which often has live acoustic performances; Hypesoul, where you can catch some great R&B and soul; and Seven Kitchens, which frequently hosts live jazz performances.

5. NCPA Centrestage: If you want to catch some classical or opera performances in Mumbai, then NCPA Centrestage is the place for you. They occasionally host other types of shows as well, so it.’

6. The Hermitage Grill & Wine Bar: This is a great option if you’re looking for good food and live music. They have an extensive menu with something for everyone, and the live music is top-notch.

7. Café Zoe: This is another great restaurant for food and music lovers. Café Zoe’s intimate setting makes it perfect for enjoying some live tunes. Also, be sure to try their famous pizzas!

8. The Piano Man Jazz Club: As the name suggests, this place is all about jazz. You’ll love the live music here if you’re a fan of the genre. They also have an excellent selection of food and drinks.

9. Colaba Social: This restaurant is a bit more laid-back than others on this list, but it could be more enjoyable. The live music here is always enjoyable, and they also have a great selection of food and drinks.


Mumbai is home to many live music restaurants offering a great dining and entertainment experience. From jazz and blues to rock and pop, these restaurants cater to a wide range of music tastes. When hunting for the perfect live music restaurant in Mumbai, it’s important to consider factors such as location, ambiance, and the quality of the music. If you’re interested in buying a flat in Mumbai and would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  1. which are pure veg restaurants in Mumbai with live music

Some pure veg restaurants in Mumbai that offer live music include Rude Lounge, Blue Frog, and The Little Door. These restaurants offer a great dining and entertainment experience while catering to the vegetarian food preference.

2. How many live music restaurants are there in Mumbai?

It is difficult to give an exact number of live music restaurants in Mumbai, as new establishments open and close regularly. However, Mumbai has many restaurants that offer live music, and it is considered an entertainment hub of India. Therefore, live music restaurants on every corner of the city can cater to various music genres and audiences.

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